The Le Grand tapware is enriched with matching accessories to furnish the bathroom with stylistic harmony.


A fine balance of design and minimalism: clean lines, sinuous forms and original details in a very articulate range.
Four new models for an easy-to-clean removable shower head that blends into the architecture: Frame, with its oval and rectangular form, Combo and Grid.

Made for Pleasure

Alpi products are an invitation to pleasure, transforming the gestures of personal hygiene into a well-being experience. For personal pampering and body care in the bathroom, as a warmly welcoming and happily occupied home space.

Alpi and design

The value of design and attention to detail

Technological knowhow and the best design, together: Alpi develops products that are innovative, beautiful, functional and well-made. Combining rigour with high performance and quality design, with the utmost care and attention to detail.


With a contemporary appeal, it is a very versatile series designed for refined environments. It features clean shapes, continuous lines and soft yet slender


A new collection suited to varied contemporary environments with an elegant character. It is marked by clean lines, sinuous forms and original details.

An intimate atmosphere created to pamper the body, to relax and invigorate. A comfortably harmonious, functional space: the shower according to Alpi. Interpreted by products imagined for the finest domestic experience of contact with water.

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