design Odo Fioravanti

Shower blends with architecture

To transform and dematerialize the shower head object, changing and revolutionizing the whole idea of a shower.
Fade is a system that blends into its surroundings. By converting the false ceiling into a water supply invisible to the eye, it makes your rain shower a pure delight.

This decidedly innovative design relates to an ongoing trend in the contemporary evolution of the bathroom. The technical body of the object minimizes its function and merges unobtrusively with the interior architecture.

Fade won the Good Design Award (2019) and the IF Design Award (2020).

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Detail, shower head. Anti-scale nozzles.

Paintable shower head + Allen concealed single-lever shower mixer. Brushed nickel.

Paintable shower head + Nu concealed single-lever shower mixer with handset kit. Brushed nickel.

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