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The integrated, paintable and inspectable shower

The shower head becomes a surface, in a continuity of its host architecture.
Groove is an easy-inspection removable system that builds the shower into the false ceiling: a major typological innovation applied to diverse models which can all be painted with the same finish as that of the ceiling.

Concentric grooves house and hide the water outlets and the joint between the mobile part of the shower head and the false ceiling panel. Inspection is guaranteed by the easy removal of the shower unit.

Groove is made with a polyurethane foam that can be painted in any shade and is available in different models and shapes.

Groove won the Good Design Award (2022).

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Groove can be painted with any colour.

Groove is easily inspectable.

All versions of Groove

Oval 2D

A gentle design, close to the lines of the human body.

Oval 3D

With a bulge in its surface, this version of Groove evokes the idea of falling water.

Square 2D

A geometry conceived for rational bathrooms.

Frame oval

As if reminiscent of an elegant boiserie ceiling, it is a version characterised by a frame that follows and defines the shower head profile.

Frame rectangular

The Frame version of Groove is also available in rectangular form.


A model which in the two-dimensionality of the ceiling integrates a shower head with a three-dimensional volume and slight overhang.


The architectural idiom of the industrial air inlets lends form to an unusual shower head conspicuous for its rational and exact lines. This version of the Groove system, too, is characterised by grooves that conceal the shower nozzles.

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